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The direction of light firing magnesia powder in the new normal state

2020-06-16 13:40:40

Light burned magnesia powder is a kind of man-made small-sized building block. It is also called light burnt magnesia powder sintered brick. Solid clay refractory brick is one of the oldest building materials in the world. the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin in Shaanxi to the great wall of Ming Qing Dynasties in Beijing, it inherits thousands of years of architectural civilization of the Chinese nation. Up to now, it is still the favorite building material of Chinese people. Clay firebricks are made local materials, cheap durable. They also have the advantages of fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation moisture absorption. However, due to the construction of houses in urban rural areas firing of clay firebricks, 700000 mu of good farmland will be damaged in one year. This is a warning issued by the "seminar on new wall materials in 12 southern provinces cities" held in Nanchang in 2004. In China, the wall material accounts for about 70% of the whole building materials, of which clay refractory brick is still dominant in the wall material. The clay resources needed to produce solid clay refractory brick are more high-quality clay in arable land, so the damage to the land resources can be seen.

According to the accumulated experience of industry development, enterprises should pay attention to water balance (environmental protection), adjust product quality improve quality efficiency. However, it should be noted that magnesium oxide products are mixed in the market. Some magnesium oxide manufacturers mix a lot of powder in their products sell them in the market with low price, which will damage the overall reputation of superior products. Strictly control the newly added constant energy, put an end to the low-level homogenized Repeated Construction Association, guide the industry to correctly deal with the relationship between the stock the increment, adjust the coexistence of the stock the optimized increment, strictly control the production capacity increment the quality structure, prevent the low-level homogenized repeated construction, restrict the development of ordinary grade magnesium oxide, guide the enterprise to improve the transmission in energy conservation, emission reduction, quality improvement consumption reduction, brand efficiency, etc The transformation upgrading of the unified industry the optimization increment of specialization specialty.

Research develop new products, improve the quality level of magnesium. According to the development needs of different service areas, it is suggested that scientific research enterprises provide targeted magnesium products, improve the quality level of magnesium, expand the service area application value.