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Light burned magnesia powder will be the main development direction in the future

2020-06-16 13:41:45

Light burned magnesia powder is a kind of man-made small-sized building block. It is also called light burnt magnesia powder sintered brick. Solid clay refractory brick is one of the oldest building materials in the world. the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin in Shaanxi to the great wall of Ming Qing Dynasties in Beijing, it inherits thousands of years of architectural civilization of the Chinese nation. So far, it is still the favorite building material of Chinese people. Clay firebrick is widely used in civil engineering because of its local materials, low price, durability, fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture absorption other advantages. Light burnt powder

However, the large-scale production of clay firebrick has caused damage to the cultivated land area in China. China's per capita cultivated land resources are less than 40% of the world average level, but due to the construction of houses in urban rural areas the firing of clay firebricks, 700000 mu of good farmland will be destroyed in one year. This is a warning issued by the "seminar on new wall materials in 12 southern provinces cities" held in Nanchang in 2004. In China, the wall material accounts for about 70% of the whole building materials, of which clay refractory brick is still dominant in the wall material. The clay resources needed to produce solid clay refractory brick are more high-quality clay in arable land, so the damage to the land resources can be seen

In order to change the traditional way of burning which is a serious waste of land resources, as early as 12 years ago, the "opinions on the development promotion of new wall materials" jointly issued by the former State Building Materials Bureau other departments were approved transmitted, the "schedule for banning the use of solid clay refractory bricks" was proposed for 170 large medium-sized cities in China. Following the guidance of national policies, the refractory industry in Shaanxi Province has made effective adjustments to the production of clay refractory bricks by refractory enterprises, made efforts to innovate, used environmental protection materials instead of clay, strived to achieve the result that the use value is consistent with clay bricks.

The downstream demand reduces the demand growth of clay refractory brick. However, the downstream demand is also affected by the national macro-control. The growth rate of the national refractory production slows down, the new production capacity of the steel cement industries is reduced, which makes the growth rate of the refractory demand drop.

Therefore, the perspective of current policy situation industry environment, the adjustment of the supply side structure of light burned magnesia powder has become the focus of the future development of iron steel, cement, glass other industries, the national macro-control efforts are deepening strengthening, so it is impossible for these industries to have explosive growth in new production capacity in the near future