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What are the hazards of the three states of light burned magnesium powder manufacturers

2019-11-18 16:12:11

The product contains three types of under-burned products, over-burned products, active magnesium oxide. Here are three states of magnesium oxide.

1. The so-called underburned products are some magnesium carbonates that have formed magnesium oxide. If there are too many underburned products, the burning vector will be high. The condensation speed of magnesite products made of lightly burned magnesium powder will be particularly fast, which will cause the Explosion deformation of magnesium products. 2. Overburned products are burned magnesium oxide. If there are too many overburned products, it is easy to solidify when magnesium oxychloride cement is formed with magnesium chloride, which is what people often say does reflect does set. 3. The last one is the industry activated magnesium oxide is used as a building material. The content of activated magnesium oxide is mainly required. If the content of activated magnesium oxide is enough, it cannot fully reflect the chloride ion in magnesium chloride the anti-alkali anti-halogen will appear after the formation of magnesite products. The phenomenon.

First of all, magnesium oxide itself is non-toxic tasteless, but because it belongs to the dust category, first-line workers should pay attention to dust prevention during long-term work to avoid "pulmonary disease". magnesium oxide powder talc powder are commonly used lubricants for athletes are harmless to the human body. Magnesium oxide can also be used as an antacid, laxative, neutralizing gastric acid. The effect of neutralizing gastric acid is faster, stronger, longer-lasting, without generating carbon dioxide, protecting the ulcer surface.

In summary, we know that magnesium oxide is harmful to the body, so everyone can use it with confidence.

1. In the stock magnesium oxide, take out 100 grams of magnesium oxide samples different corners different positions ( less than 3), blend them evenly.

2. Accurately weigh 100g of magnesium oxide powder the mixed powder place it in a beaker of constant weight dryness. Add 400g of purified water to make it completely moist.

3. Place the cup in a drying oven with a regulated temperature (110°C) bake for more than 2 hours, then adjust the oven to 150°C to dry the sample to a constant weight. Activity calculation method: the active content of magnesium oxide = [(W-100)/45] X100% 100 is the weight of the sample before hydration; W is the weight of the sample after hydration; 45 is the conversion factor. Note: In order to obtain more accurate values, you can take 3 100g magnesium oxide tests, add the obtained active content value, then divide by 3.

Problems to be noted: ①During the heating process, avoid the slurry splashing out of the beaker; ②The drying time is as long as possible to ensure that the moisture evaporates completely.