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Haicheng Huanyu light magnesium factory

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Address: pailou town, Haicheng, Liaoning

Haicheng Huanyu light burned magnesium factory is located in the old refractory industrial park, pailou town, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, the "world magnesium capital". It is rich in magnesite resources  superior in geographical location, which is the most far away  the world Magnesite is only one hundred meters away. The geological reserves that have been proved  confirmed by the State Reserve Committee are 590 million tons, accounting for 20% of the total reserves of the country. The high-quality magnesite ore with MgO ≥ 46% accounts for more than 40% of the total reserves. The thickness, quality  reserves of its ore body are the highest in the world. The design capacity of the mine is 1.5 million tons / year, which is a large open pit mine. Our factory is adjacent to the port cities Yingkou  Dalian in the south, Anshan, the steel capital in the north, Benxi, the city of coal  iron in the East, Dandong, the border city,  Panjin, the new oilfield City, across the river in the West.

Our factory is a professional modern scientific  technological enterprise integrating the research  development, production, sales  technical services of magnesia products. Our factory has 14 light burning shaft kilns, 5 various types of crushing  processing equipment, with an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons of various types of light burning magnesia powder.

Our factory has a long history. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of light burned magnesium in China. Its products have been rated as "provincial excellent", "Ministerial excellent"  "Municipal Excellent" for many times. It has been rated as Anshan star enterprise for many years. Its products are sold to more than 10 provinces  cities in China,  exported to Western Europe, South America, Australia, Western Asia  other countries  regions. It has won customers at home  abroad with its high-quality  stable products It's well received.

Practical innovation, refinement  strength, quality first, reputation second 1、 Customer first, dare to be the industry leader, is the eternal business philosophy  purpose of the enterprise. The enterprise has long-term cooperation with scientific research institutes, colleges  universities, experts  scholars, using advanced technology  equipment, constantly developing new products, improving product quality, creating quality products for customers, sincere  friendly cooperation with customers at home  abroad,  common development.