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Common misunderstandings about how light burning powder is produced

2019-11-18 16:11:51

The main purpose of light magnesium oxide is used in the production of rubber products neoprene adhesives. In the manufacture of light burnt powder, magnesium oxide plays the role of acid absorber accelerator, while in neoprene adhesives In the production, it plays the role of vulcanization crosslinking, anti-scorching agent resin chelation.

Magnesium oxide is also used in the manufacture of ceramics enamels. It plays a role in reducing the sintering temperature. It is used as a filler in the manufacture of grinding wheels paints. In addition, it is used in medicine, food processing, agriculture, electronics industry, insulation The materials industry has applications. The calcination of magnesite at a high temperature of 750 to 1100 is called "light burning", the resulting product is called light burned magnesium powder, referred to as light burned powder. The main purpose of the light burnt powder is as a thermal insulation sound insulation building material, manufacturing gelling material, it can also be used as a raw material for manufacturing ceramics.


1. The content activity of magnesium oxide are proportional to a range, in fact, there is no such strict reliable proportional relationship;

2. If you think that "out of this range is inversely proportional" is a more serious mistake!

3. The current magnesium oxide is misunderstood by some as light burnt powder, but it is also a serious mistake. It should be said that the main component of light burnt powder is magnesium oxide, the light burnt powder also contains MgCO3, Mg(OH)2, CaO, Fe2O3 , Al2O3, SiO2 other impurities. Conversely, it is a serious mistake to describe magnesium oxide as a light burnt powder.

4. With the innovation of the times technology, the definition of light burnt powder loessite has also undergone major changes. The loessite is produced by magnesite using old-fashioned clay kiln. The color is dark the impurity content is particularly high The light-burning powder is also mostly made of magnesite. The difference is that the light-burning powder is currently fired in a reflective kiln, the impurity content is relatively small. Qualified light burned powder should meet the standards of "WB/T 1019-2002 Light burned magnesium oxide for magnesite products", "HG/T 2573-2006_Industrial light magnesium oxide" other standards. Ling bitter soil can reach these standards.

In addition, there is a deeper misunderstanding. The content of f-CaO in the light burnt powder is determined by the ethylene glycol extraction method. According to the experiment, ethylene glycol also absorbs magnesium oxide. As the extraction time is different, the result will be The visible impact, this point involves the correction of some national standards, this statement also coincides with some other articles. This proposal is very important can be further demonstrated by experts.